Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Agile? Why change?

Agile software development is all about applying the “Lean principles” in software development.
What is meant by Lean principles? 
In short,
1.       Eliminate Waste in the production/ process.
2.       Focus on value.
3.       Maximize customer value.
4.       Being more flexible to do the “right” things.
It is all about, producing the right things for the right customers in right time with right quality and quantity, with more flexibility to change with market dynamics.
In waterfall model we will normally talk about big product development cycles with different phases like,
1. Requirement gathering
2. Analysis
3. Design
4. Implementation
5. Testing and verification
6. Integration
A typical delivery will cost (time is money) you, 4 to 6 months and by the time we get the product out with the features defined 4 to 6 months back, we would need something else. 
Main Questions are,
1.      1. How can we accommodate those?
2.     2.  In a demanding market, how can you move with the demand?
3.     3.  How can we develop quality software in short time frame?
4.     4.  How can I satisfy a demanding customer, who changes the requirement very often?
5.     5.  What is the method to identify customer value?
6.     6.  How can I keep my team motivated all the time?
7.      7. How can I keep the smile in customer face?
8.      8. How can I play a key role in my customer success?
9.       Many more questions? (Please write you question to me.)
Agile methodologies have developed to answer all the above questions and much more. I do a sincere try to address all the above written questions with Agile method.
From my experience, I truly believe in Agile and a big follower of the foundation concepts of agile.

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