Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Value Vs Waste

How can we identify Value and eliminate Vaste?

Survey results of used features of a product is given below,

It is evident that 64% of the features and rarely or never used, but we still spend equal effort in developing those 64% features. Do you think that those efforts are wasted?
How does this work in an ideal world?
A company invest only in value adds. If we wouldn't have spend time and effort, on the 64% waste or not used features, we would have released the product in the market much earlier. Our revenue would have gone up, happy customers and share holders.

This is exactly what Agile methodology trying to achieve.Focus on Value to the end customer and Eliminate Waste.

Identifying waste is not a very tedious tasks. Applying commonsense is the most important tool to indentify the waste in a production house.

Waste of Production Vs Software equivalents are :

If you are familiar with any of the 7 wastes above, you have got lot of opportunity for improvement.

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